Top 10 Hottest Cameroonian Rappers in 2021(#1 will shock you, detail reasons)

Top 10 Hottest Cameroonian  Rappers in 2021(#1 will shock you, detail reasons).

Top 10 hottest Cameroonian Rappers in 2021
Hottest Cameroonian rappers in 2021

In order not to cause confusion and misinterpretation of concepts, I shall start by explaining what the term, 'Hottest' means in this conversation. By 'Hottest' I mean, 'currently popular or in demand or Trending at the moment'. 

I am  concerned with rappers who dominated rap conversations in Cameroon in the year under review, either because of a hit song they have dropped or because of their activities which have made rap conversations in Cameroon exciting, trending or engagement with many people.

When I discuss rating or classifying terms like this, it's expedient a solid background is first established to eliminate, nay, reduce confusions and uninformed arguments which may have arisen from a total misconstruing of the subject matter.

It's important to note that being the hottest rapper doesn't necessarily make you the best or the greatest. It simply means that at a point in time, you became a point of discussion because of something significant you have done to elevate or promote the culture. It therefore means that, 'Hottest' could be a momentary or ephemeral 'achievement' as another rapper can suddenly become the subject of conversation.

With the foregoing explanation, I trust that you reading now have a clear grasp of  what hottest in this context means. If not, I advise you to scroll back to top and grasp the subject matter so as to avoid online and offline arguments.

It's important to note that this article does not in any way promote 'beef' between fans of various artists, it's just to bring you current hottest Cameroonian Hip hop Artists  as of this date of publication of this article.

Also note that this article is not to talk about best Cameroonian Rappers or best Rap songs in 2021 since I don't yet have the yardstick to measure their performances but I will be working on that in another article.

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I will also give some details about these hottest Cameroonian Hip hop Artists in 2021 and what made them occupy their various positions on the list.

The list of hottest Cameroonian rappers in 2021 includes:

  1. SkidyBoy.

  2. Jovi and Stanley Enow.

  3. Mic Monsta.

  4. Askia.

  5. Fochur and Young Time

  6. Ko - C

  7. Show Yoh and Young Holiday

  8. Meshi and McCoy Twap.

  9. ICE G.

  10. Oluwa Ice.

Okay now you know them. Let me explain why the list is the way it is.

2, Jovi and Stanley Enow: Stanley is at  this position because of his outings in a concert that made many Cameroonians talking. 

Here's What he said " Cameroonian DJs please stop playing foreign Music hours upon hours in night Club". Here a link to full story 

 Another reason is that he performed live at the CHAN opening Ceremony in Yaounde Cameroon.

He is equally a nominee at the MAMA award.

In this other article, you will find a link to vote for him. I

Jovi on the other hand is trending because of his recent  social media posts preparing his fans for his latest song release. Here's a link to  Jovi's Facebook page. 

3, Mic Monsta: He is at this position because of his recent Album, "Vibes clinic" which got highest sales on auxplay. In the Album, the song Local Lokito which seems to move not only the Youths but the old too as he blends old school Makossa with Hip hop.

4, Askia: She recently became the topic of the day because she gave some remarks on one of the most popular Cameroon blogs,  237showbiz. According to her, this blog is doing well but not completing their Jobs by including YouTube links of their rap songs. Here's what actually happened.

Askia dropped her latest rap song titled ma place dey, 237showbiz made a Facebook post about the new song without a YouTube link, She got furious and reacted on her own Facebook page.

This got many people talking.

Learn more about this latest song on YouTube channel "Beard Gand Music ENT"

5, Fuchor the Artist: He became the center of discussion because of his latest  Single entitled "Twerk" ft Askia. The video of the rap song is rated 18+ and to some Cameroonians he is too small to drop such a video. Here's the video via this link.

Young  Time: He recently became hottest as he drops his latest hit song  Yung Time - "Embouteillages" ft Tenor and Rich Forever after two years of break. This got many talking as they thought he had resigned from music.

6, Ko- C: Ko- C is always at the top of discussion amongst Cameroonian Music lovers. He trends when he declared he is the best rapper in Cameroon after dropping his rap song. He is still the topic of buzz today because of his hit song titled Caleçon ft Coco Argentée. The song has 6 million plus YouTube views as of this moment.

7, Show Yoh: He is the hottest because he recently made a Facebook post claiming to be bigger than Naira Marley and Tzy Panchack and he also dropped his latest single titled Show Yoh the King. Here is a link to the article. This caused many fans and music lovers to engage in talking about him.

Young Holiday: He recently became the center of conversation because of the Rap battle he initiated in Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon. Another reason is his new creativity he brought into the Cameroon Music industry with a website where fans can support him and stream his songs with  few clicks. 

Here is the website  This got his fans and rap song lovers talking about him.

8, Meshi: She's the hottest at the moment because she announced on her Facebook page that she needs three upcoming Hip hop rappers to feature in her latest project. This sparked conversation amongst many Hip hop lovers as some still thought Meshi is an Upcoming Artist too. 

McCoy Twap is trending because He's one of Meshi's selected three with Fuchor and...

9, Ice G: He became on buzz because of his rap song "Ya weh" in the song he begs God to intervene in the socio Political crisis in Cameroon. 

10, Oluwa ICE: He is here because of his latest rap song , "Street Gospel" in which he did not actually rap. According to him, he wants everyone and  fans to get whatever message he is passing rather than doing some "bara bara bara bara Bab" which at the end no one will get the message behind his song. This has caused many to be talking about his new Rap style.

Finally number on the top ten hottest Cameroonian rappers is Skidy Boy

Skidy Boy

1,Skidy Boy:  He tops number one on this  list because he was picked up by the police in  three days after he dropped a video of his latest song entitled "Pablo".  He became the topic of the day before and after he was freed.

Here is his YouTube channel link 

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Wrap up

Once more hottest in this context doesn't mean you are the best, it simply means you are the buzz of the day. This means this list can change just after a month. I shall be bringing you top ten best in another post.

If you have any other Artist that you think he/she should be here, comment and give your reasons. If you disagree with this, comment. I May consider extending the list to go beyond top 10 hottest Cameroonian Rappers in 2021.

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