Manager of 237showbiz Victor Kange bans Askia and related services (Read details)

Manager of 237showbiz Victor Kange bans Askia and related services (Read details).

Victor Kange bans Askia

The ban comes barely hours after Akia's furious comment on 237showbiz Facebook page. Here's what happened.

237showbiz shared a video of Askia's latest song "Ma place dey", Askia congratulated him and team but added that they're not doing well as they didn't include a YouTube video link of the said rap song. Here's the link to subscribe and watch the video on YouTube.

Angry Victor Kange, CEO of 237showbiz then published on his Facebook account explaining how he suffered in 2019 bringing Askia's "Bag season one" live. Here's what he posted on his regular Facebook account.

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"Oh! Ok! So this is me, Dec 2019, It’s not like I was tired running away from the Boyses in the Bushes oh! I was at the BAG Concert, ASKIA’S BAG concert and streamed the entire concert from start to finish! My waist want still hurts till date and the bro Gilles Zelot took this photo without me knowing! 

This particular photo is not on ASKIA’S page and I actually streamed that concert free off charge, paid my transport fare to and fro, slept over and returned the next day. Today they’ve completely forgotten about 237Showbiz and what it does for them. 

Here’s my decision because I don’t like disrespect especially at this level. « If I ever see anything ASKIA, her entire label and artistes on #237Showbiz. I will stop blogging immediately!  

Let nobody inbox me or tell me to calm down or whatever! I first get revision class for 3PM so my phone go dey off! Let Hip Hop Ville continue from where I personally has STOPPED! 


After all this "wahala" many Cameroonian music  lovers still advise him not to react out of anger. Some equally asked him to forgive her if she publicly apologized.

What's your thoughts about the Artist vs Blogger "wahala" above?.

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