Top ten Cameroon female artistes 2023/2024

Top ten Cameroon female artistes 2023/2024

Cameroon's music industry is booming with talent, and the year 2023/2024 is set to witness an extraordinary rise in the country's female artistes. Top ten Cameroon female artistes are making waves in the music scene, enticing audiences both at home and abroad. With their powerful voices, unique styles, and captivating performances, these women are redefining the role of female artists in the industry.

Top 10 Female Artistes in Cameroon
Top 10 Female Artistes in Cameroon 

 Renowned names like Charlotte Dipanda, Blanche Bailly, and Daphne have already garnered international recognition with their infectious music and heartfelt lyrics. 

Joining this impressive lineup of those who have already gained international recognition are emerging talents such as Ewube, Nabila, and Mihney, who are captivating audiences with their fresh perspectives and vibrant sound. 

Top ten Cameroon female artistes 2023/2024 include:

  • Libianca

  • Krys-M 

  • Charlotte Dipanda

  • Blanche Bailly   

  • Asaba Official 

  • Kameni 

  • Darina victry

  • Ulanda and Rinyu

  • LYDOL and MIMIE 

  • Lady ponce 

Even though they're hundreds of Cameroon female artistes doing well, this list by Camaboom is only individual views and temporary. The list can be modified at any time and More artists keep dropping new hit songs.

With their immense talents and relentless drive, Cameroon's top female artistes of 2023/2024 are sure to make a lasting impact on the global music stage.

Is your favorite on the list?

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