Download: Strongbangwaboy Royalty ft LongueLongue TzyPanchak et al ( mp3 + video)

Download: Strongbangwaboy - Royalty ft LongueLongue - TzyPanchak - Kameni -Nyango - MicPower - PuZo -HardFire

Download: Strongbangwaboy - Royalty ft LongueLongue - TzyPanchak - Kameni -Nyango - MicPower - PuZo -HardFire
Strongbangwaboy - Royalty ft LongueLongue - TzyPanchak - Kameni -Nyango - MicPower - PuZo -HardFire

Cameroon singer Strongbangwaboy drops a video of his latest Cultural Music entitled 'Royalty' featuring Award winning singers LongueLongue - TzyPanchak - Kameni -Nyango - MicPower - PuZo -HardFire. The track is now available on Camaboom for you to download, watch and dance to your satisfaction.

Royalty is a song that portrays the cultural diversity of Cameroon. This can be witnessed as he features artists from different regions of Cameroon.

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Stream Download Royalty Below

Beat Produced by: DEEJAEGLENNY 

Song Mixed & Mastered by: DJ Karl

About the song

The ALUACHABA ROYAL DANCE BEAT was introduced to the Lebang, Lebialem people of Cameroon by His Royal Majesty King Fontem Asonganyi. 

Initially this prestigious dance beat was only performed by the princes and princesses of the Royal family of the King of Fontem, then some older and renowned Chiefs of the Lebang clan were given the permission to perform the dance beat during traditional ceremonies that really befit the Aluachaba royal dance. It is a dance beat meant for ROYALTY due to it's prestigious values within the lebang-Lebialem Dynasties. 

Akocha Music is delighted to introduce the Aluachaba dance beat to the rest of the world. Enjoy and share the joy with the Bangwa of Lebialem, Cameroon.

Tribute to King Fontem Asonganyi: 

The Bangwa dynasty was founded around 1440. His Royal Majesty, King Fontem Asonganyi ruled from the late 1800s to 1951. A savvy leader and fierce warrior, he imprisoned the German explorer and colonial agent Gustav Conrau in 1898. He was accused of trafficking in natives to work at a coastal plantation. Gustav later died in captivity and it's unknown if he committed suicide or was killed in Fontemdorf (per colonizer). 

King Asonganyi was well known for his strong resistance to the German colonizers. He was imprisoned and later freed from a German garrison in the north of Cameroon after many years. He is the architect of the modern day Fontem Dynasty of Lebang, Lebialem, Cameroon.

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