Breaking: Pastor anoints panties and sell to church members who can't conceive

Pastor anoints panties and sell to church members who can't conceive

Prophet Frank anointed panties
Frank's anointed panties

Prophet Frank aka By Fire of Zambia  anoints panties and sells them to his church followers who can't conceive or get married.

According to him the thing is spiritual and he said God instructed him in a revelation in which she cannot go against. Read for story below

Most of these self-styled prophets whom many consider as quarks, charlatans and fake have trieved on such controversial and sometimes disgusting schemes because they are often welcomed and used by the usually gullible, ignorant and fanatic followers.

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In order to pull crowds, make money and fame, we have  seen some  self-proclaimed African prophets come up with ridiculous, controversial, and sometimes lamentable strategies to achieve the above aims. There are a litany of such, and here is one from Prophet Frank of Ndola district in Zambia: ANOINTED PANTIES!

December 31.2020

Speaking to the The Zambian Observer,  Prophet Frank Explains Why He Came Up With Anointed Panties.

“To help barren women and those looking for marriage partners”

The Ndola-based Clergyman Prophet Frank a.k.a By-Fire said he came up with anointed panties (which carry his face) in order to help women who are barren to conceive.

 “It wasn’t my own making, I was inspired to do this. I actually had a dream. So once a barren woman wears this pant continuous for for a month, she can’t take more than two months to conceive.”. Said the prophet adding that one pant goes at K250. He said hundreds of once barren women who purchased the pants last year are now mothers and so applies to those who were not married.

“It also applies to unmarried women, if one buys and wears it for a month, two months can’t pass without her finding a suitable man and within a year of their marriage, that couple must have a child”.

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