Top ten best Gospel Cameroon Artists ( 2021 2022)

Top ten best Gospel Cameroon Artists ( 2021 2022)

best Gospel Cameroon Artists ( 2021 2022)

Top ten best Gospel Cameroon Artists

It's normal that as a Cameroonian music lover, you have a favorite Gospel singer, rapper or even dancer who always remains at the best or at the top of your list every week, month, semi-annually and annually  whether or not they do well during the period.

Nevertheless, some Gospel Artists always prove tougher than your favorites in terms of love from the General public, consistency, bodies of work, concerts, endorsements deals, impact in the society, streaming numbers and hit songs.

The year  was a critical year for Cameroonian Gospel artists and the entertainment industry in general. 

Cameroonian gospel artists have  multiplied their work  this year and kept dropping smashing Gospel hit singles, Worship Songs, Exaltation songs, mind blowing EPS and bodies of work that made them gain  a position on our TOP 10 Best Cameroonian Gospel  Artists of this year's list .

If a track didn’t make someone give their lives to Christ, dance away their sorry, it mended broken hearts, others made people fall in love with Christ.

Also like the popular Cameroonian phrase used to express one’s love for music which goes thus:

" When I listen to this gospel song nor , chai my hairs dey stand one one",

"Na this song make me repent"

TOP 10 Best Cameroonian  Gospel Artists of 2021 2022. shall be taking into consideration A small social media online survey, hit singles, projects (Albums, EPs), Nominations, Performances, Awards, Impact, Rate of trending, Collaborations, features are an added advantage. Get the curated list below.

top 10 Cameroonian Gospel Artists include:

1) Indira

1) Prosper Germoh 

2) Elizabeth Tekeh


4) Guy Michel Kingue

5) AkuBai

6) Charles Citenga

7) Prosper Menko

8) Prince de Jésus

9) EmmaGospel 

10) Evangelist Ben Awabi

Bonus: Zenobia Germoh

Note that 90% of the top ten Gospel Cameroon Artists have been profiled on Camaboom. Their Latest Gospel songs are also available on Camaboom.

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Remember the online and offline survey greatly influenced this list and it's curated to you by Camaboom admins. This means another list by you or someone else can have a slight difference.

Note that they're many other Cameroon Gospel Artists doing extremely well but since we are talking about top ten best Gospel Artists, we can't exceed ten.

If you have other gospel artists you think should feature on the list above, mention them in Comment second, We may consider editing the list to include Brackets.

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