Biography: Vernyuy Tina

Profiling Vernyuy Tina.

After  Vernyuy Tina's latest single entitled Weh Weh, many visitors of camaboom have been searching to know more about her. That's why I have done this research and put together everything about Tina for you. 

Biography of Vernyuy Tina

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Profession, Age birthday place  year.

Vernyuy Tina is a Cameroonian singer,  songwriter, rapper and model who was born on the 17th of April 1996 in Bamenda Cameroon.

Academic Background

Her academic records are quite impressive as she attended primary school at Saints Peter and Paul,  secondary school at Saints Augustine College Nso and PSS Mankon Bamenda where she studied Geology adding up to STU and mining at THD university of Yaounde and Bamenda respectively where she was able to obtain a Bsc in Geo-mining science. 

Music Journey

Tina began writing poetry and singing at the age of 7, at 13  she was into rap. It was at the age of 18 that she decided to begin a professional career in music. 

She released her first single "Stony Road" in 2014. Vernyuy Tina is well known for her fapkolo remix which made waves across the NorthWest region and also took part in a contest launched by Salatiel. 

Her other singles like 'pain', ' my word',  'Fola Wun Lenjo', 'Gee reign( ponmile cover)', 'show'em' helped increase awareness for her career. 

Vernyuy also took part in one of Cameroon's most creative cyphers which was hosted by Vanilla City Entertainment in 2016 which got her lots of followers and well wishers from across the nation and the continent at large. 

Her collaboration with Tzy Panchack in the title "Na So" did not not only expose her talent but also created a place for her in the entertainment industry in Cameroon. 

Also known as Musica,  Vernyuy Tina is the president of her self owned TINATION which means lovers of her art. She has described her music  as Afro-Njang. Added to her collection of songs, is the recently released melodious title "Wéh Wéh". 

Her unique voice and expertise with the guitar has made her a force to be reckoned with in the  Cameroon entertainment industry.

Trending songs

Wéh wéh



Contact details

Facebook:    Vernyuy Tina 

Twitter :    @VernyuyTina

Instagram: @vernyuytinamusica 

Youtube :    Vernyuy Tina

Snapchat: vernyuy.tina 

Email : vernyuy.tina[a]

In all, Vernyuy is one of the  most unique Artists

in Cameroon and Africa as she creates everything in her songs herself.

Thanks for passing by, spread the love.

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