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Profiling Chanceline Deyaso.

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Chanceline Deyaso
Chanceline Deyaso

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Mbanwei Chanceline Ngwi with artistical name "Chanceline Deyaso" was born on the 12 of May, 1997 in Batibo.

Batibo is a subdivision in Momo division of the North West region of Cameroon.

She sings in English, French and her local language.

Chanceline Deyaso is a partionate song writer, singer and Dancer with more interest in Afro and Bitkussi.

She  started being  passionate in music some few years back (2013) during her study   at GHS batibo. 

Chanceline released her first track with some of her crew titled "Abenkweck" which means our country  should grow.

Deyaso became more popular as she took part in "For the Culture challenge" with her angelic voice, organized by  Tzy Panchack.

As her passion for music keeps increasing and encouragement from fans, she drops another single entitled "Come Back". This track was highly welcome by fans.

Deyaso without rest, released another hit song ( Bitkussi) entitled "Yesu" Yesu was highly welcomed by fans as she asked fans in the hit song to always recognize God in what they're doing.

Her latest trend was when she dropped her latest single entitled "Moghamo". Moghamo is a song she dedicated to Moghamo people (MoMo) asking them to look into how to end the crisis in the  North West and south west region of Cameroon.

Moghamo is the song that portrays her  home and abroad as many fans starting given her praise names like "Queen of Moghamo"

Chanceline Deyaso recently Announced a New manager and promised more beautiful songs to fans.

Besides music, Deyaso is a proud teacher and owner of a small provision store( rubbing oil store). 

Contact details.

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There was a recent rumour that she shall be dropping an EP with five songs but after my chatting with her, she says 'I have not yet announced anything but I'm working on more good music, if things goes well, I will make the announcement'.

Thanks for reading, follow her via her contact details above in order not to miss any of her new songs.

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