Biography: Ramin Namdar ( age real names latest song)

Biography: Ramin Namdar (  age real names latest song)

Ramin Eghtedari, known professionally as Ramin Namdar, is an Iranian composer and DJ. Ramin was born on September 17, 1998 in Rudan, Hormozgan, Iran.

Artist Real name: Ramin Eghtedari
Stage name: Ramin Namdar
Ramin Namdar
Ramin Namdar

 Birthday and place

September 17, 1998 in Rudan, Hormozgan, Iran

 Music Career

Ramin was ridiculed by friends and students for his short stature and stuttering while studying. Ramin started making music after years of enduring ridicule from various people. He first started making podcasts by adding some music. He achieved many successes in this art over the years, which led to his development.

In 2021, he became a professional composer and produced and has released many songs. He has eliminated his stuttering with effort and perseverance and now speaks without any stuttering.

• Ramin Latest songs

1. Mama (Radio Edit) 2022
2. Eller Havaya (Radio Edit) 2022
3. Masri 2021
4. AM 2021
5. Tehranto 2021
6. Tom Clancys Without Remorse 2021
7. California 2021
8. Merry Christmas 2021
9. Tokyo 2021
10. Khodaya Mercy 2021
11. Hawaii 2021
12. Disoa 2021
1. Sook 2021
2. Marsh 2021
3. Danee of Death 2021
4. Finding Fukue 2021 EP 2018
5. The Mummy 2017

Contact details

Instagram: raminamdar

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