Breaking: Buea Ladies Arrested for beating Girlfriend of husband to near dead ( full story

Breaking: Buea Ladies Arrested for beating Girlfriend of husband to near dead( full story)

Breaking: Buea Ladies Arrested for beating Girlfriend of husband over love affair
Lady tortured by Husbands wife

The Buea saga: What really happened

The boy in question was living in the house with his baby mama who had 6 weeks old baby and three of his siblings (Two in the University and one writing Advance Level)

The boy in question traveled to Ekondo Titi to show his mother's grave to his brother. Before leaving for Ekondo Titi, he forgot his phone at home with his sisters and baby mama

The siblings used the phone and messaged the girl to come home. The girl knowing they have never met in his  home sort to know why and refused

They insisted as through it was the man and convinced her through messages and she came home

Before arriving, the took one of the boy's shoes was rubbed with mud and kept outside to to prove to the girl the guy is actually back

Immediately the Marinette (the sidechick) entered the house, the baby mama by name Neris immediately break a bottle and asked her to seat on the floor.

They had turned  up the volume of the music and opened the shower is in the apartment

Neris asked the sidechick to do all she is asked and the sisters started filming while  holding sticks

They asked her to remove all her dress which she immediately did and started beating and filming, shaving her hair and putting pepper through a stick on her V

Finally, they sent her out and started filming while she was naked. A builder who was seating on the other side saw them and chased them before calling the police

All four were arrested and the baby mama was not detained due to the baby

She was kept in a safe location and expected to return today Thursday June 9th 2022.

The boy returned from Ekondo Titi last night. 

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