Top 50 funny comedians in Cameroon ( 2021 2022)

Top 50 funny comedians in Cameroon ( 2021 2022)

Grand Lawrenzo

For comedy fans in Cameroon today, there is nothing like a live performance. Luckily, the comedy club industry is doing better than it was five years ago, which is why in recent times you can be famous and cash out just by creating funny content from home as a social media Comedian. In a world we’re people just want to be happy, no one is really bothered about the means or manner in which they are entertained. 

More and more funny Cameroon social media comedians are seen taking the lead which has also led to bigger incentives for stand up comedians to expand their horizon into short web series and skits for digital streaming purposes. 

However traditional forms of comedy where comedy clubs hire talented comedians for the commercial appeal for ticket sales will hardly ever go obsolete. Also read Top ten Hottest Cameroon rappers

It has been the fastest way for comedy clubs and comedians to make money, but social media comedians nowadays appear seemingly more famous and richer since in the long run they bag endorsement deals with companies for adverts as well as the income derived from their streams. 

Below are a curated 50 funnest Cameroonian comedians 

funny comedians in Cameroon ( 2021 2022)

  • Danny Green Fresh King

  • Mbeng Lilian and lovert Lambe( Caro and Copees)

  • Moustik le karismatik

  • Ulrich TAKAM Officiel

  • Monsieur Chantal

  • Senior Pastor Comedian

  • Oboy Da Comic

  • Spaco Lee

  • Under_belle237

  • Fingon Tralala Officiel

  • Page Markus Humoriste


  • Cabrel Nanjip Nyamton

  • Rapalo

  • Emmanuel Bate - Da Oracle 

  • Joseph Loaded 


  • Le boi synthetic

  • MP3 DA Comedian

  • P-World Entertainment

  • Satzembrau Dë Humourist

  • Don ChaeuLe

  • Godisz Fungwa

  • Johnzskid Johnzskid

  • Irene Bara

  • Calvino Wallang

  • Eazi Kid

  • Topi da comedian

  • Pa ngwa

  • Bertila Kibong

  • General - ToxZik

  • Cyril Inter

  • Nkeze Austine

  • Tenzo

  • Promise orock

  • Steve Fah Officiel

  • HOGA LE Pichichi_ officiel

  • Tik dengue 

  • Maori 

  • Icekid Charisma

  • Zackary Longmope - Comedian

  • Grand Lawrenzo AKA Babylonian

  • Mac Mental

  • Mc Forina

  • Obi MC,

  •  Choco B, 

  • Aloga, 

  • God Father 

  • Bita Kola, 

  • Pikalo 2k


To gather information like this one is very tough. We could bring out a list, however it doesn't change the fact we have many other comedians in Cameroon who are cracking up their audience regardless. 

However the list of Cameroonian comedians is inexhaustible as everyday we have new creative comedians popping up with creative comedy skits. Worthy mentions,Phàmôsë Âng 

 Acb King.

If your Favorite is not included, mention them in Comment, please also share this article and tag them.

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