Motobanga drops latest music entitled for you ( download mp3+ video)

Motobanga latest music entitled for you ( download mp3+ video)

Cameroon Artist MOTOBANGA KINGKONG  released  his latest track, entitled 'For you'. The music is now available for you to download, watch and dance to your satisfaction.

The song, the artist says, is one of his many works that inspire him to think more deeply and notice things he had never noticed before. 

Music, he says, opens his eyes, and enables him to express himself better.

"... We are so much roped in in our lives and music helps to sometimes step out of it a little bit and experience something different," he explains. 

"No matter how much chaotic my life is, when ever I'm writing my lyrics it  makes me more relieved and less stressed up," he adds. 

Watch/download for you by moobanga

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