Fast Download Ndani ya by Vernyuy Tina ( Lyrics video)

Fast Download Ndani ya by Vernyuy Tina ( Lyrics video)

Vernyuy Tina Ndani ya
Vernyuy Tina Ndani ya

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Awards winning Africa Cameroon Afronjang Queen Vernyuy Tina published Lyrics visuals of her latest song entitled "Ndani Ya". Video now available for you to download for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Ndani ya meaning deep inside is a song she sang using four languages. In the latest track, Tina beg and thank God to Free Africa from slavery and poor living standard

Tina is a Cameroonian female singer who's so unique in her way of singing, she usually includes her dialect in her tracks. This time, she added even more African languages like the Popular Lingala and Zulu language.

Languages Used includes:







Key moments in Ndani ya

Vernyuy Tina Musica

Africa is waiting...

See me feeling high...

Goosebumps all over...

Free them from Slavery...

Free  them from poverty me...

Nalingi yo mingi mama Africa... 

Napesi yo merci bolingo ya Zambe...

(I give you all the gratitude for through you I experienced God's love.)...

Kitoko ya Africa  nashukura sana

(Thank you so much Beautiful Africa)

Naouna Nana  Ndani yake

Ndani Ya Afrikana

(I see the depth inside Africa)...

Uh Noani Ndani ya

(I see it inside)...

The rhythmically play of her selected words in various languages using her magical voice on a vibing beat and the messages she's passing in the Ndani ya song is something you don't want to go without listening to.

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Performer:  Vernyuy Tina

Producer:    Dijay Cliff 

Director:      Ndedi Asek 

Written:       Vernyuy Tina 

Genre:         AfroNjang 

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Vernyuy Tina


Vernyuy Tina

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