Breaking: Cameroon Artist Tilla Tafari physically abused (read story)

Breaking: Cameroon Artist Tilla Tafari physically abused (read story)

Tilla Tafari
Tilla Tafari
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Cameroonian female singer and rapper Tilla Tafari shares a shocking message of how she is physically and emotionally abused in a Facebook page Post. The last line of the message is frightening and needs your Urgent attention.

In the write up, Tiila talks about how she had been traumatized for a long time. She equally apologized to her fans, Supporters and Cameroon music lovers. Read her words below.

"I write this down with the heaviest of hearts. I've been physically and emotionally abused for so long that right now i dont know how i feel but i know im traumatised and i really need help. I'm tired of being strong and acting like everything is alright when its not. I apologise for any irrational behaviour i may have manifested and how it may have negatively impacted anyone. I pray to find the courage to one day tell my whole true story but right now i just need your prayers to overcome this  so i can be restored.  I lost interest in everything: all the things i used to like i dont like anymore, even food doesnt really entice me. i dont sleep. I know many people don't care and would still come under this post to insult me and suggest i shouldnt have posted this but im writing this for anyone who can read between the lines and who actually cares.  I'll be gone…"

Tilla Tafari recently lost her music producer and had been making posts about how the load to deliver new songs is tedious.

She had had a social media war with a popular Cameroon social media influencer, Nora Brown who recently Joined the music industry and Dropped tow tracks. Songs fans said it was a reply to their social media wahala.

Tilla Tafari coming out to apologise to everyone definitely includes N Brown but what caught Our attention is the last line of her write up. "I'll be gone…"

Even though her message really didn't explain the kind of abused, from commenters, reactions show she's going through a tough time and needs your urgent attention.

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