Six important Skills every musician should learn in Africa

Six important Skills every musician should learn in Africa

Six important Skills every musician should learn in Africa
Six important Skills every musician should learn in Africa

It's true that some Artists in Cameroon, Africa and other parts of the world pay everything for their song from start to finish. What if you are just new in the music industry and lack the finance to pay everything?

In this article will review some important Skills you need to learn that can help improve your music Career and save you some cost. I'm not saying you should do all this, I just want you to add some important Skills to make your Art more entertaining. This can also gain you more fans.

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Six important Skills every musician should learn in Africa include:

  1. Music production

  2. Mix and Mastering

  3. DJing 

  4. Graphic design

  5. Web design

  6. Social media marketing

Sure you need some little explanation about how the skills above are important to Artists, get them below.

  1. Music Production

It's important because you can even produce your own music, produce for others and make some extra cash. After all, it's all about music. Cameroonian singer V2M is one of those multi talented Artists you should follow.

  1. Mix and Mastering

this is important because you will not need to pay others to master your songs, again you mix others tracks and you know the benefits.

  1. Djing

As an artist, you need to learn DJing, this can boost your performance while on stage, you can also be hired to play on occasions. Dj Splash of Cham movement is a good example.

Graphic design:

 This is one of the most important parts as far as music is concerned but many Artists neglect it. Your logo, flyers, designs are costly to make, if you can learn this skill, it's going to be cost saving for you. I can teach you this skill cheaper.

  1. Web Design: 

This is important because you can create your own website to showcase and sell your digital products to your fans and supporters directly. You can also assist others and get some bugs. I can  teach you this skill cheaper.

  1. Social media marketing:

 Learning social media marketing can be a game changer for artists. Social media marketing is all about leveraging social media. For example, you you can use 2k to promote your products and services and get back 3k , you are on a good footing.

Many Artists forgot about their social media marketing strategies.

You can use Facebook ads to get more views on YouTube etc, but are you going to keep paying people to do it for you?

You need to learn this skill to save some cost. I can teach you cheaper.


Even though some big musicians pay for most of the skills above, Learning at least one of the above skills as an artist can help you save some cost in your Projects.

Thanks for reading, spread the love

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