Profile: Taku Claude ( #1 Fashion designer in Cameroon)

Taku Claude
Taku Claude


Profile: Taku Claude ( #1 Fashion designer in Cameroon)

Claude is the main brain most dresses Cameroonian celebrities wear, today Camaboom takes a deeper look at who he is.

TAKU CLAUDE is CEO at Taku Claude Design. He is from the northwest region of Cameroon precisely Batibo and currently in Yaounde (Biyemassi Cameroon). 

Taku has a degree in environmental science from the university of buea.

After graduating from the University of buea, he moved to the capital city Yaounde insearch of a job. 5 months later he couldn't get one. Way back in form 3 back in his secondary school days, he used to spend time with his dad in his shop.

 His dad, popularly safari as safari, was a tailor and the most famous in his generation when alive. During his second vacation with him at the shop, he could stitch a trouser and shirt already. That made him develop a serious passion for tailoring.

That is how he became a tailor.

His career began when his father opened

his shop in yaoundé.

From there he upgraded his skills personally, took some online courses in designing and later became a designer.

Some of those challenges he is facing are limited man power, there's being a lot of copy in the industry.

He has been working over time strategizing and it's working for him. The issue of limited man power is now history for he's gotten young Cameroonians who showed interest in the trade from the NW region who he train's them, today he has employed some of them.

For the young designers trying to copy every new design or piece of art he put out there in the market, he has over the years sensitized on the need to respect the know-how of creative minds and stop the practice. He is Currently in the process of registering his brand with the Government, once he's done with that , all new designs he comes out with will be registered under the intellectual property right which will go a long way to stop other designers from copying his art.

Apart from being a fashion designer , he is a traveler, he has been to most countries in Europe and Asia, now he Currently travels to America at least twice a year to supply outfits for his clients as a bulk of his clients are in the USA. Since 2015, he now imports cars, sells cars and does car rental as well.

He is currently working to create a fashion school where he will be able to train young Cameroonians to ensure sustainability in the fashion industry. Besides, it's a very lucrative field and will go a long way to boost the economy of our country.

Again, he currently has an outlet in the USA, and plans to have outlets in Europe Asia and other African countries.He will in the next years open branches of Taku Claude Design in douala, limbe, bamenda, Buea and Bafoussam.

His advice to the younger generation is simple: they should stop thinking or believing that they can be successful in life with white collar jobs. He is a graduate but chose to follow his passion and today he is a very comfortable man, making a lot of money. Living a good life from his job as a fashion designer, he has been able to make a lot of fortune for himself.

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