importance of song title to Artists and listeners

importance of song title to Artists and listeners.

Most titles and tracks you drop have positive and negative impacts on you and the listeners.   I discuss this issue Below.

It's true that many Artists have their various reasons for composing a particular track but the issue is how do you think your song will influence society? How will the title of the song attract someone to listen to it? Most titles and tracks you drop have positive and negative impacts on you and the listeners. 

I discuss this issue Below.

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Let's start with the positive side of song titles.

Importance of song title to Artists and listeners.


Songs this days with great impact turn to change some fans and some artists too for example a title like STAY STRONG








ETC . YOU will agree with me that these songs are great and probably hits songs with messages about hustling ,life,struggles and so on .

When you listen to these songs you feel relieved and happy you stay focused on whatever you are doing because hard work pays . #me adi find my way brother find your way too life na turn by turn# I think with only this you know you have to hustle for your own and not looking someone's thing #bad energy stay far away # 

This  makes you stay away from people who show you fake love on Facebook and stay focused because only hard work and determination pays.

 Artists choose good titles for good marketing so choosing a title with a good message attracts good markets and definitely good deals .


These days some songs though are of adults understanding as just jokes are not making well with our young people in the community . Permit me cite this song #your Mami , living with the devil , some more are killing or unteaching some children.

 I remember passing In my quarter the other day and I heard a young boy singing ' your Mami yi Mami' but unfortunately for him his mum whom was talking to him heard him and thought the boy was actually abusing his mum the mum got him well beaten if not for the intervention of some people who were around imagine where and what would have happened to this innocent child who was actually singing a song .

Tell me has that song impacted that said child. No offense but let's y'all as artists try as much as possible find suitable titles for your songs and the message you pass across too because it's what your fans will carry around. 

I hopefully you grabbed something from this post, spread the love

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