Cameroon male artist "raped" by two ladies

 A  Cameroonian male artist raped by two ladies.

Nivo Ti Jesus

Picture credit : Ninja films 

Nivo ti Jesus, A Cameroonian artist who has been so vocal this month has recount to fans how he was gang raped by two ladies. Last weekend, the musician took to his facebook page to criticize how Cameroonians are vibing to Master KGs trending song "Jerusalema" which to him has no meaning, they're instead throughing negative comments to Stanley Enow's latest song which to him has more meaning. "Master KG sing waity for Jelusalem? But wuna di vibe.Then under Stanley Enow's wall wuna di spill negativity #hypocrites ". He talks bitterly in pidgin English.

Screenshot of Nivo Ti Jesus facebook post about Master KG

Again just few hours ago that Daphne Njie, reviewed how she was rap9ed by an unknown person, Nivo narrates on his Facebook account how he was raped by two ladies. Read details

"2 girls raped me when i was a kid maybe bc i was very cute with deep dimples🤦🏽. I lost my virginity to 2 girls😥 I was 11yrs old. They invited me to their house and then they closed the door and put blue film. My "totoh" started standing but I had to behave myself bc I was the head-boy in my class then. One came and sat on my laps. I wanted to drive her but again I thought it wrong to drive someone from ur legs inside their own house. She gave me a peg and my nipples started vibrating. Before I noticed it both of them were all over me. I was struggling to shout for help but my voice was not coming out, i dont know why😭 They tore my shirt, esp the girl with big breasts. They raped me and later gave me fufu and eru. Then they put me on a bike and gave me 2000frs as transport😪

I cried out my lungs when i reached home😭.

Every time I see the word "Rape" anywhere it brings back those memories. Pls Lets sensitive our kids to report rape cases." 

Screenshot of Nivo Ti Jesus rape case

Some fans fan opinions are that this story is just framed to counter that of Daphne, others say he is trying to prove that rape cases is from both sexes. 

What's your opinion on this?

As of now, we don't know if he was truly raped. 

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